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The Truth About Mass Produced Wines

Mass produced wines are usually loaded with up to 300 CHEMICAL ADDITIVES. GROSS. Not to mention the added sugar to maintain similar taste profiles year to year. This is just not natural, and completely unnecessary. It’s time to make the switch to clean-crafted and natural wines…

Clean-Crafted Wines

The wines I support on this page are ALWAYS free from synthetic pesticides and chemical additives and sweeteners. These wineries partner with growers and family-owned farms to create delicious wine that’s better on the vine, in the bottle, and in your glass.

“Chemicals belong in a swimming pool. Wine should be as natural as possible.”

Sarah Shadonix

I am a proud work-at-home mom to three girls 6 and under, and owner of Eyely Design. I spend as much free time as I can outside in South Florida exploring the beaches and parks for plants and bugs with the girls. I also enjoy relaxing in my back yard with my husband and the best wine, Scout & Cellar!

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Why are you drinking anything other than clean-crafted natural wine?

Why are you still risking getting a chemical-induced headache?

Why are you still shlepping wine home from the grocery story or liquor store during a pandemic?

If you argument is that ordering clean-crafted wine online is too expensive… 2020 should have taught you that our health is the only thing that matters. Relax and unwind with something that doesn’t add to the amount of chemicals our bodies’ are bombarded with daily from other sources (drinking water, cosmetics, sun screen, bug spray, indoor gas emissions, pollution, etc). Drink less, drink better, be more mindful about what you put into your body.


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